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Initiative: 1.22 Develop a better outreach/awareness plan to educate the community on NC Works programs/offerings

Shared Economic Prosperity


Increasing awareness of the many programs and services offered by NCWorks is critical to the success of both business and talent engagement. As businesses become more aware of NCWorks, it enhances employment options for the existing local talent pool. 

Key Measures & Data Analysis

Increased marketing boosts visibility, generates interest, and engages a larger audience, leading to more people becoming aware and interested in participating or engaging with the services offered at NC Works. This heightened outreach and engagement can result in a larger pool of participants or customers.

NC Works Individuals Served

Why is it important?

As more entities and individuals are made aware of the programs and services offered by the federally funded NCWorks program, there will be an increase in participation numbers, consequently increasing employment opportunities. 

What have we been doing?

Aside from meeting with businesses that are interested in upskills trainings for potential employees, the Durham Workforce Development Board has a new Chairperson (CJ Broderick). Mr. Broderick  visited the Career Center and plans are to hold the next board meeting on the campus of the NCWorks Career Center.

The DWDB now has a Talent and Aquisition Committee. The Leadership of this committee (Nicole Thompson) met with me and the Acting Executive Director (Adria Graham Scott) of the Durham Workforce Development Board.  

 A few topics of discussion are listed below:

  • Planning the County Wide Employer Breakfast
  • Hosting the Chamber of Commerce Before/After Hour event
  • Monthly local BSR Meetings at the Career Center with all BSR(s) represented at the Center
  • Participating with AdvanceNC to put in place strategies to build a pipeline of jobseekers to fill positions for VinFast, Wolfspeed, and Toyota

What's next?

  • Beginning the search for venues to hold the Employer Breakfast, planning the program, searching for caterers, and gathering quotes
  • Getting on the calendar for the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce and Greater Durham Black Chamber of Commerce
  • Resume meetings with One Durham in January 2024
  • Continue to attend the AdvanceNC Executive Committee meetings
  • Attend hiring events held at the Career Center to promote WIOA services
  • Continue conversation with the Durham Bulls Baseball Club for marketing strategies
  • Ordering DWDB/NCWorks give-a-ways 

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