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Create a Safer Community Together

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Initiative: 2.22 Increase face to face relationship building by going where residents already are

Creating a Safer Community Together


The continued development of community programs builds trust as we strive to create a safer community together by meeting residents where they are. Often, the only opportunities for community members to engage with public safety agencies is during a crisis or otherwise unfortunate event. In order to build better, more meaningful and expansive relationships with community members, consistent effort must be made across city agencies to be available to residents outside of times of crisis with the goal to share space, listen, support, and even play.

Key Measures & Data Analysis

The average number of students from Eastway Elementary School and Boys & Girls Club in Dec-23 was 40 and 17 respectively. The initiative involves coordinating training initiatives, establishing tutoring relationships, and planning for camps. 

Tutoring Program

Why is it important?

Increased training and support will give the community members the knowledge and skills to assist each other as well as their families. Regular interactions with community members outside of crisis situations allow public safety agencies to educate and prepare the community for potential hazards. Proactive engagement helps to prevent incidents and ensures residents are well-informed and prepared. Exposure to these types of skills, may lead to an interest in learning more, encouraging community members to actively engage with public safety initiatives. Creating a sense of involvement and co-ownership in ensuring the safety and well-being of the community. Initiatives like the "Stop the Bleed," CPR programs, and tutoring initiatives would give community members further knowledge, and enhance trust, communication, engagement, and overall community well-being.

What have we been doing?

  • Police/Fire 2023 summer camps
  • Sharing calendar with other public safety departments to coordinate training initiatives
  • Establishing tutoring relationships- Eastway Elementary/ Salvation Army
  • Develop a Tutoring Program Plan


What's next?

  • Roll out shared training calendar across Public Safety portfolio
  • Launch Tutoring Program
  • Planning for 2024 Year Round Camps
  • Launch 1st Year Round Camp
  • Build Relationships with DHA and DPS


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