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Initiative: 3.32 Create and recommend a digital literacy program

Connected, Engaged, & Inclusive Communities


Digital Literacy is having the ability to create, evaluate, research, and communicate information effectively using technology. It is our goal to develop and implement a digital literacy program that empowers residents with the ability to use information technologies to find, evaluate, create, and communicate by growing their technical skillset. There is a portion of the community in Durham that lack education pertaining to digital literacy. With the rapid growth of technology today, it is crucial to learn and possess skills using technology proficiently. Expanding resident access to digital resources and community programs/ services will enhance the overall skillset of City of Durham residents. 

Key Measures & Data Analysis

Data represents the digital distress of households in Durham. One of the most important metrics that the state is still unable to report on is digital literacy/skills. However, there are other variables that can be used as proxies for adoption itself, as well as, potential to adopt.

There is a broadband availability and quality index that accounts for (8) variables that can contribute or undermine and there is also the broadband adoption potential index that accounts for (11) variables that can increase of decrease correlations.

· Percent population with access to broadband speeds of 25mbps downloading / 3mbps uploading (+)

· Percent households with no internet access (-)

· Percent households with no computer devices (-)

Digital Literacy Program Implementation

Why is it important?

Providing City of Durham residents with knowledge regarding information technology that will equip them to utilize digital services and resources. Specifically, the individuals in underserved and underrepresented communities will have access to information and resources to improve their digital literacy capabilities.  

What have we been doing?

  • Hire Digital Navigator 

  • During the Digital Durham 2023 Board Planning Retreat we were divided into groups and began the planning process for multiple areas such as: 

  • Increasing digital knowledge through Digital Literacy 

  • Digital Literacy Assessments 


What's next?

  • Hire Digital Inclusion & Community Engagement Manager 

  • Identify our target audience 

  • Develop goals and desired outcomes to address the digital literacy divide 

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