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Initiative: 2.13 Pilot and evaluate new community policing strategies

Creating a Safer Community Together


This initiative is currently piloting three main community policing strategies:

1. Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM) - is a strategy being piloted to reduce robbery incidents in specific zones for each district. The department looked at robbery cases, especially those involving individuals, to determine where the RTM zones should be. If we concentrate solely on reducing these incidents, we can easily achieve and measure our progress. The RTM has the potential to achieve this goal by increasing officer presence (dosage treatments), collaborating with other city departments to make physical-environment changes on city owned properties, and engaging with private property owners to make temporary or permanent improvements to their properties that can reduce the likelihood of victimization (such as better lighting, landscaping improvements, personal security measures, etc).  

2. ShotSpotter: has the goal of reducing the time it takes to respond to gunshot incidents with the goal of identifying suspects. As well as to improve evidence collection and locate potential victims in order to save lives.   

3. Dirt Bike mitigation: this program aims to improve traffic safety by reducing the unlawful and reckless operation of dirt bikes, ATV’s, and similar vehicles. 

Key Measures & Data Analysis

The recent data for Dec-23 shows that 21 guns were recovered and 23 arrests were made. The ongoing efforts include the use of ShotSpotter technology which aids in the response to gunshot alerts. The progress appears to be consistent with the initiative's objectives. 

ShotSpotter Data

Why is it important?

These projects would contribute to creating a safer environment for everyone in Durham. Through Risk Terrain Modeling, the risk of burglaries and other crimes in the RTM areas can be reduced, enhancing the safety of private property. ShotSpotter has the potential to decrease response times to shots fired calls, increasing the likelihood of timely assistance for victims of gun violence. Additionally, innovative strategies will be implemented to mitigate dirk bike incidents and improve overall traffic safety.   



What have we been doing?

During the past year, the Durham Police Department (DPD) has focused on identifying the impacts of the one-year ShotSpotter pilot program. DPD has used four main performance measures, two recommended by the vendor, (1) ShotSpotter alerts published within 60 seconds and (2) gunshot detection and location performance. Additionally, DPD measured the number of guns recovered and arrests made based on ShotSpotter alerts.

DPD has a robust data collection process related to ShotSpotter. As part of this initiative, they have created a publicly accessible dashboard that provides key performance measures, updated at least weekly. This pioneering approach sets a precedent as the first of its kind in the nation, serving as a model for other agencies seeking to maintain transparency in the implementation of similar pilot programs.

The following data for recovered guns and arrests made were collected from December 15, 2022 through November 16, 2023.

Those measures and definitions can be found on the dashboard below

What's next?

The Durham Police Department will continue to fund, utilize, and evaluate the performance of ShotSpotter technology throughout the city of Durham which will assist law enforcement with response to sound of shot calls, making arrests on ShotSpotter alert calls and recovering firearms at the scene of ShotSpotter alert calls.  City Council chose to not renew the contract for an additional 3 months but will have another discussion about the program at a February Council meeting.

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