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Initiative: 2.31 Establish innovative recruitment pathways

Creating a Safer Community Together


The goal of this initiative is to explore innovative strategies for enhancing recruitment efforts within the Durham Police Department. Given the critical need for staff and the rising attrition rates, recruiting has become increasingly crucial. To maintain the highest standard of community response, it is imperative that we bolster our recruitment and hiring efforts to ensure continued successful achievement of objectives.


Key Measures & Data Analysis

  • This measure sets the stage as to why this initiative is important and can be impactful to public safety organizations.
  • This initiative aims to reach more of the 42% of the students who do not enroll in college.
  • Public safety jobs, like those in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services, and more, offer valuable career paths for students who choose not to attend college. With stable job prospects, competitive salaries, and opportunities for advancement through specialized training, public safety careers offer job security, community impact, and personal fulfillment by directly serving and protecting communities. 

% of DPS Students Collegebound within 1yr

Why is it important?

Recruiting new police officers is important for creating a safer community by maintaining adequate staffing levels and enabling effective law enforcement. A diverse and well-staffed police force supports community policing strategies, fostering trust and cooperation with residents. Increased recruitment also allows officers time to engage with the community, building relationships and increasing visibility and availability. Succession planning and adaptability to changing demands are also key benefits, ensuring law enforcement agencies remain responsive, trustworthy, and well-prepared for the future.

What have we been doing?

  • We have had multiple conversations with Durham Technical Community College regarding several potential pathways to funding tuition for interested applicants in our High School to College program.
  • We have received approval from NCCU and they are on-board with utilizing an internship with the department to satisfy graduation requirements.

What's next?

  • We will identify multiple pathways and situations where HS students can participate in our DTCC program.
  • NCCU will be holding an interest meeting with students as well as other internal discussions to identify their timeline and logistics.  We will provide information for these meetings.

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