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Initiative: 3.31 Update the current Park System Plan to review DPR services and accessibility

Connected, Engaged, & Inclusive Communities


DPR has contracted with The John R. McAdams Company, Inc. (dba McAdams) an experienced, professional team for planning and engagement consulting services to develop a new Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Park System Plan to replace the 2013 Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The new Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Park System Plan will guide future programming and development pertaining to parks and recreation for the next ten to fifteen years. 

This is an opportunity to assess what areas of the city are currently underserved and should be prioritized as we continue the City’s work to address past inequities, as well as renovation or replacement priorities for our aging infrastructure and the future of green spaces in the heart of downtown, like Durham Central Park.  Equitable engagement, completing facility assessments, and a trends and gap analysis of programs and services will provide important data to inform the development of guiding principles for future programming and facilities to meet the needs of our community.  This new Comprehensive System Plan will take into consideration these assessments and other data to ensure we have the planning tools necessary to meet the current and future needs of our residents. 

Key Measures & Data Analysis

The statistically significant survey is now completed and surpassed the target of 500.  The team will begin focus group engagement in early 2024.  These focus groups will include partners and external stakeholders.  

Park System Plan Engagement

Why is it important?

DPR is proud to serve and build better lives through a variety of programs and services, created through best practices, innovation, efficiency, and excellent customer service. This Comprehensive System Plan will represent a commitment to the City, reflected by our fundamental five pillars, along with the mission and values of the Parks and Recreation Department.

The City has an obligation to provide a balanced system of services provided by the Parks and Recreation Department for all residents. This planning effort will recognize current needs in the City, as well as allow the flexibility to incorporate future facilities that will address trends and the needs of residents as the City continues to grow. 

What have we been doing?

  • Analyzing Demographic & Recreational Trends
  • Developing an Inventory Assessment Report
  • Implementing an Equitable Public Engagement Strategy Plan
  • Conducting a Scientific Needs Assessment Survey
  • Conducting a DPR Survey – Additional Data Collection
  • Researching and developing a Level of Service Standards (Benchmarks)
  • Drafting Plan  Recommendations
  • Drafting Policy Change Recommendations

What's next?

  • Continue to implement the Equitable Public Engagement Strategy Plan 
  • Develop Draft Guiding Principles
  • Prepare the Final Comprehensive Park System Plan for Adoption

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