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Initiative: 4.21 Review internal citywide policies with an equity lens

Innovative & High Performing Organization


Reviewing citywide internal policies with an equity lens is a way to identify (and make recommendations to eliminate) inequities that might exist. This is done by utilizing an equity review tool which consist of questions to answer that highlight outcomes, data/demographics, employee engagement, accountability, and the benefit or harm that may exist for City of Durham employees. Conducting policy reviews with an equity lens is important because it allows us to analyze the impact of the design and implementation of policies on underserved and marginalized individuals and groups. We also expect to be able to make recommendations to create more just and equitable outcomes for City employees.   

Key Measures & Data Analysis

  • Staff has worked on the following policies: 
    • Grievance Policy
    • Disciplinary Policy
    • Recruitment & Selection Policy

Reviewing policies with an equity lens in local government means making sure rules and decisions are fair for everyone. It helps find and fix any unfairness that might affect certain groups in the community. By looking at policies this way, it ensures that decisions consider the different needs of people. This approach builds trust, includes everyone in decisions, and gives a chance for groups who might have been left out before.

Equitable review of policies

Why is it important?

Reviewing Citywide Internal Policies with an equity lens embeds equitable considerations in city policies and further meets the goal of achieving an innovative and high-performance organization. This initiative moves the needle by identifying inequities that may exist in policies that affect the entire organization, but specifically underserved and marginalized groups. This initiative will promote efficiency by reducing risk over time. Risks will be reduced by identifying and removing language, processes and/or procedures in policies that disproportionately impact employees. Lastly, it will create just outcomes for city employees and continue to make the City of Durham a great place to live, work, and play. 

What have we been doing?

Completed the following milestones:

  • Researched Policy Review Tools
  • Created the Policy Review Tool
  • Tested: Grievance Policy
  • Tested: Disciplinary Policy
  • Created the Prioritization Tool
  • Tested the Prioritization Tool
  • Reviewed Recruitment & Selection Policy

What's next?

Equity and Inclusion will need to partner with Human Resources to move forward in the following milestones:

  • E&I Reviews HR Policy Schedule
  • HR Reviews Proposed Changes​
  • HR Creates Policy Review Team​
  • Employee Comment Period
  • ​HR Adopts Policy Recommendations
  • ​Policy Review Continues​

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