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Initiative: 2.21 Develop a coordinated cycle of joint community safety events

Creating a Safer Community Together


The best way to ensure the safety of the community is to prevent harmful events from occurring. A coordinated cycle of joint community safety events provides an opportunity to amplify event capacity and gives residents the opportunity to plan for attending the events that are important to them. At these events, residents will gain the knowledge and skills to protect their families and they will also be able to talk directly with city public safety employees about other safety needs. Joint programming ensures all facets of public safety are covered and shows the community that we are all part of the same team. 

Key Measures & Data Analysis

The City of Durham's initiative to develop a coordinated cycle of joint community safety events is in progress. The number of events has fluctuated from one to three events per month over the past six months as the initiative was being established. The team has been developing internal and external event calendars and a combined DataHub event record. These activities should begin to steadily increase the number of jointly held community events. 

Joint Community Safety Events

Why is it important?

Departments have been collaborating for years on public safety events. However, it was usually through word of mouth or direct invitation that one department knew what another department was planning. With a shared calendar, departments will be able to see all the events and actively offer assistance at another department’s event if they know it is happening and have time to attend. That has the potential to amplify the capacity at events. Additionally, community members will have access to a publicly-facing calendar so they can attend the programs they need.

What have we been doing?

We have been working on the development of internal and external event calendars and a combined DataHub event record.

What's next?

  • Develop a schedule of joint events
  • Create the event dashboard

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