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Initiative: 4.22 Advance business contracting with underutilized businesses

Innovative & High Performing Organization


City procurement and spending that reflect resident demographics is a key mayoral and council priority. It is the policy of the State of NC to encourage and promote the use of small contractors, minority contractors, physically handicapped contractors, and women contractors in State procurement of goods and services.  COD facilitates this mission in accordance with Part II, Chapter 18, Article III, the Equal Business Opportunity Program (EBOP). This article establishes a plan to help ensure that the City's contracting practices provide equal opportunities for City contracting for underutilized business enterprises owned by minorities and women, doing business in the City's contracting marketplace.  

Currently, the City structure from a Finance Department perspective is geared towards compliance with the EBOP ordinance, which is heavily focused on large construction contracts and professional services. Having a Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Coordinator would advance marketing and promoting strategies, and advancing potential City contracting opportunities, whether large or small. 

Key Measures & Data Analysis

In order to invest in and build a diverse business economy in the City, there is a need to further engage with MWBE. The number of Minority Business Enterprise members currently stands at 201. As the City continues to refine reporting processes, increase HUB certification support, and outreach to MWBE's, this number will increase. 

Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Why is it important?

Advancing business contracting with underutilized businesses furthers an innovative and high performing organization by supporting the award of contracts to Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs). This initiative continues to move the needle by promoting contracting opportunities within the City and promoting equitable contracting initiatives. Underutilized and Small Local Businesses will receive additional contracts which will increase their overall company profitability. 

What have we been doing?

  • Request MWBE Coordinator Position – New position requested during the FY2023-24 Budget Prelist Process.
  • Reporting – Subcontracting report was revised to include contract types for sorting.  Parameters were added to the Approved Contracts report to decrease preparation time.  Approved Contracts report is being revised to include subcontracting data and MWUBE classifications to capture additional minority participation.  EBOP Quarterly report transitioned from Word to Excel to increase accuracy and decrease preparation time.
  • EBOP Ordinance 14907 – Finance Staff and the Steering Committee reviewed the ordinance for updates.  Recommendations were submitted to CAO for review.

What's next?

  • Request MWBE Coordinator Position*– Complete final Budget Request steps and write job description.
  • Data Cleansing – Review and polish UBE vendor attributes Munis.
  • Reporting – Continue to refine reporting processes.
  • Vendor Polish – Verify and update vendor profiles.
  • HUB Certification – Identify current MWUBE COD vendors and assist with HUB Certification.
  • Outreach – Establish outreach and role priorities.
  • MWBE Coordinator Onboarding* – Onboard and train new coordinator.
  • EBOP Ordinance 14907 – Next meeting is with CAO to discuss legal revisions. Present rewrite to DCM, CM and CC for approval.

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