On Target

Value received for your local taxes and fees per Resident Satisfaction Survey


40% of residents who see the value received from their local taxes and fees. The target comes from a National Benchmark developed by the City's consultant who manages the resident survey; ETC benchmark from U.S. Communities w/ Population 150,000‐400,000.


In 2020, 42% of residents see the value received from their local taxes and fees. This is a slight decrease from the previous year (43%) and remains well above the national benchmark (33%). 

With efforts like Participatory Budgeting, the City should see an increase in the level of community engagement, which should lead to a better perception of how local government is managing residents tax dollars.

Next Steps

Expanded outreach and engagement efforts, specifically the Participatory Budgeting program, may have positively impacted this measure. Continued education on the value that residents receive for their tax dollar is also important. 

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