On Target

Number of participants in community crime prevention initiatives and activities (Calendar Year Annual)


The targets for resident participationin in Police Athletic League is 500 youth participants, Community Workshops 50 participants, and Citizen Police Academy 35 participants with 25 graduating.


PAL is on target for the 2019 calendar year.

The Department runs one Community Workshop per year.  This year a "Business Workshop" is scheduled for October.

The Department runs one Citizen Police Academy each year.  The 2019 Academy is in session now with 29 participants.   

Next Steps

PAL is seeking the ability to gather data, and measure and analyze specific outcomes such as academic performance, behavioral/mental health issues, interpersonal skills and relationships, and involvement with criminal activity.  The primary goal is to provide the ability to track children in PAL programs to determine if PAL is successfully deterring them from the juvenile justice system.  There is a software application tool specifically designed for PAL organizations across the country that can collect PAL data and provide reports indicating progress, improvements, or youths that might benefit from additional attention.  The PAL Unit is interested in purchasing the tool.

The 2018 Community Workshop had 97 registered with 47 actual attendees.  The problem is that this program addresses the same pool of community members, and commitment has waned over the last couple of years.  To reach a different pool of community members, the Community Resources Unit has focused heavily on addressing the needs of Durham businesses.  The 2019 “Business Workshop” will provide attendees with safety tips, and other information pertinent to the relationship between the business community and the Durham Police Department.  The goal of attendance will be a minimum of 50 business owners.  

For 2019, the Community Resources Unit has increased the number to 30 of applications it is accepting as participants in the Citizen Police Academy.  The plan is that more participants attending will result in more participants graduating.

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