On Target

# of Votes


The team is working toward receiving votes from 10,000 people in the first year of the process.


Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. In 2018, the Durham City Council allocated $2.4 million dollars for residents to decide how to spend to improve their communities. PB in the City of Durham “City”. The City’s PB program involves a two-year cycle of meetings, voting, and project implementation. A brief outline of the program phases can be found below:



  1. Idea Collection- PB Durham launched on November 1, 2018. During November 1, 2018-December 21, 2018 PB Durham received over 500 ideas during its first ever idea collection period.
  2. Proposal Development- Proposal development is the second phase of PB. The proposal development phase for PB Durham extended from January 2019-April 2019. Over 100 residents and students from the community volunteered to become budget delegates and to develop viable proposals into full project proposals. During the proposal development phase budget delegates assessed, evaluated, and developed proposals that were the most equitable, impactful, and feasible as outlined in the project evaluation matrix.
  3. Voting- The voting process occurred during May 2019. Every Durham resident or student age 13 or older was eligible to vote in the PB election. Voting was conducted in both digital and paper format. PB Stanford was used to compose and host the e-ballots online. PB Durham received 6,294 online votes and 3,902 in-person votes.
  4. Implementation & Evaluation- The winning projects were announced in June 2019 and with the goal of implementing at least 50% of the winning projects in FY 2019-20. The evaluation conducted by North Carolina Central University will be used to redesign the PB process for Cycle 2 which will be implemented in FY 20-21.

Next Steps

One of the lessons learned throughout the first cycle of PB Durham was that when it came time for residents to vote on projects - there was a need to revisit the fact that some people were not aware of PB Durham or the projects on the ballot. PB Durham staff needed to spend a substantial amount of time educating residents at voting sites around PB Durham and what its goals were. The next round of PB Durham intends to improve this process by including a three-month "Voting Prep and Outreach" segment to the second cycle of PB Durham's timeline.

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