Needs Improvement

Public Involvement in Local Decisions per the Resident Survey Index


The target is set at 50% for this measure. That would mean that at least half of our residents feel like they have a say in local decisions on how tax dollars are spent.


This measure has inched steadily up since 2016 when there was a dramatic decline in the number of residents that feel there's public involvement in local decisions. That drop in 2016 corresponded with a national drop and resulted in ETC dropping their own national benchmark. 

Next Steps

The City is continuing to expand opportunities for public involvement in local government decision-making. The Resident Survey itself, conducted annually, helps to determine budget priorities each year. FY 2019 the City launched a Participatory Budgeting process that will allow residents to identify projects and vote to fund them with $2.4 million that has been set aside in the budget. 

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