Close to Target

Neighborhood College Satisfaction Survey


The target measure is to have 80% of participants rate their overall Durham College experience as "Excellent" or "Good", and at least 80% of participants say they would recommend the program to others.


Due to the ongoing public health risks and unknowns of COVID-19 and the resulting demands on the City and County, Durham Neighborhood College was not offered in FY 2021-22. At the time the decision was made, it was too soon to be certain that an in-person course would be safe or that we would have the necessary resources and funding to maintain the program. It would take a lot of resources to successfully convert the program to a virtual format and would take away from the interactive nature of the program that so many participants enjoy. 

Next Steps

The current plan is to return to an in-person format in 2022-23. A deadline should be set to check in with the County of Durham to determine the plan, allowing plenty of time to relaunch the program after a two-year absence. The impact of COVID-19 on communications and engagement preferences should also be considered.

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