On Target

Neighborhood College Satisfaction Survey


80% of participants who strongly agree or agree that they “gained useful knowledge” from the course.


For the FY19 Neighborhood College, the majority of participants found the program to be useful.

Next Steps

Our goal for FY19-20 is to have 80% of participants Strongly Agree or Agree with the following statement:

o   The 2019 Durham Neighborhood College provided valuable information and engaging opportunities to learn about City and County government and ways to get involved.

The Office of Public Affairs will measure this via an overview question that will be included on the evaluation form for the final session. We will need to confirm the number of people who complete the survey to get an accurate measure.

Based on survey feedback from the FY18-19 participants, we are implementing several changes to improve the experience for FY19-20. This includes: focusing on current topics and specific departments rather than big picture strategy; incorporating more engaging learning opportunities such as tours and Q&A panels with leadership and staff; and concluding with an Engagement Fair to allow participants to find ways to stay involved.

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