On Target

Neighborhood College Satisfaction Survey


The target measure is to have 80% of participants rate their overall Durham College experience as "Excellent (A)" or "Good (B)," and at least 80% of participants say they would recommend the program to others.


The Durham Neighborhood College is very successful.  The program receives more applications than the availability of spots in the program and the results show that participants are happy with their experience.  In addition, there was an effort to ensure a diverse group representing a mix of demographics and neighborhoods.

At the final Neighborhood College session on October 24, 2019, a final evaluation survey was distributed to participants, and 21 participants completed the survey. Of those that completed the survey, 19 answered the question "How would you rate your overall Durham Neighborhood College Experience?," with 94.75% responding Excellent (A) and 5.26% responding Good (B). In addition, all 21 survey respondents responded "Yes" to the question "Would you recommend Durham Neighborhood College to others?"

Next Steps

Based on survey feedback from the FY18-19 program, several changes were implemented to improve the experience for FY19-20. This included: (1) greater focus on current topics and specific departments rather than big picture strategy; (2) incorporating more engaging activities such as tours and Q&A panels with leadership and staff; and (3) concluding with an Engagement Fair to allow participants to find ways to stay involved. Survey feedback for FY19-20 suggests that these changes were well-received, with over 94% of survey respondents rating the program as "Excellent (A)," another 5% rating the program as "Good (B)," and 100% saying they would recommend the program to others. There were many positive comments from participants, but one that seemed to demonstrate the impact of the program is,"Leaves me feeling that our city/county care about us and want us to become more informed and engaged in our community." Due to the impact of COVID-19 and emphasis on recovery and safety, Durham Neighborhood College is not being offered in FY20-21. The City's Office of Public Affairs and Neighborhood Improvement Services are considering other ways to increase community awareness and understanding of City programs and services in the interim, perhaps through a digital content campaign.  

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