Needs Improvement

Resident Satisfaction with the Resolution of an Issue or Concern


80% of Durham residents either satisfied or very satisfied with an issue being resolved by City staff. The target comes from a National Benchmark developed by the City's consultant who manages the resident survey; ETC Benchmark from U.S. Communities w/ Population 150,000‐400,000


In 2020, Resident Satisfaction Survey showed that 64% of Durham residents were either satisfied or very satisfied with issue resolution by staff. This is a 3% increase from the 2019 survey. However, this average is well above the national average (37%)  across 26 large U.S. cities.

Next Steps

Durham One Call and other departments continue to prioritize improved customer service strategies. This includes the implementation of recommendations from the Customer Service Assessment conducted in 2016. It also includes an analysis of the City's primary customer service unit to ensure their staffing, technology, and processes are meeting customer needs. Enhanced options for assessing customer satisfaction (for example, post-call satisfaction surveys) are also being explored. 

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