Close to Target

Employee Satisfaction Rating on Biennial Employee Opinion Survey


The City's target is for 55% of employees to be engaged across each of the six primary engagement scales. The scales represent different aspects of employee engagement, including City Management, Department Management, Direct Supervisor, Job Factors, Team Members, and Overall Engagement.


An external firm conducted the City's last Employee Engagement Survey in April 2021. Employees rated over 70 questions on a 5-point scale (where 1 = Strongly Disagree and 5 = Strongly Agree). Questions are divided into different categories, representing many aspects of the employment experience.

This measure represents the percentage of employees whose average rating for the questions in each section was 3.65 or higher. 

The chart below shows how the City scored in this and past surveys.

Next Steps

Departments will develop action plans for priority areas through 2021 for implementation in 2022. Actions will vary based on department results.

Status Indicators: On Target On Target | Close to Target Close to Target | Needs Improvement Needs Improvement | Target Pending Target Pending