Target Pending

Workforce Demographics (EEOC Statistics)


There is no overall target for this measure. The City compares workforce demographics against overall Durham County demographics as well as statistics from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics that show the availability of residents in our region who have the skills needed to fulfill various City jobs. If current employee demographics are not in line with workforce availability across racial or gender lines, the City develops a recruitment plan. Targets, therefore, vary by job and over time.


Workforce demographics have remained relatively steady over the last few years. The percent of Caucasian (white) employees increased by 1.5 percentage points in 2018 with the absorption of  staff from Durham County. Otherwise trends show a slight increase of Hispanic employees and a decrease of African American employees.

Next Steps

The City generates diversity hiring plans based on factors beyond community demographics. Positions are evaluated each year to compare the employee population to the estimated availability of local residents with the skills needed to complete work of that type, as determined by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. 

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