Close to Target

Percent of Customers Rating the Development Review Processes Efficient or Very Efficient


The target for customer satisfaction is 90%, which is slightly higher than the industry benchmark of 85%.


Overall, customers are satisfied with the efficiency of most of the development processes. However, since the malware attack on the City in March 2020, there have been very few surveys returned by customers because the automatic survey link is not working properly. Staff has been more proactive by sending the survey links to customers and that has resulted in a larger number returned for the second half of FY21 but the numbers are not close to previous levels. Thus, for the first half of FY21, 16 surveys included efficiency ratings. For the second half of FY21, 32 additional surveys included efficiency ratings, for a total of 48. Compared to FY19 and FY20, each with a little over 200 surveys returned, this smaller number of surveys means that a few unsatisfied customers have a larger impact on the overall results than they would have if a larger number of surveys were returned. 

Next Steps

Management will continue to seek ways to get feedback from customers and development review stakeholders.

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