Needs Improvement

Percent of the Population Living within a Half Mile Walk of a Public Park


At least 65% of the population living within a half-mile of a public park as defined by the Trust for Public Lands


DPR staff performed the analysis of the Percent of Population that Live Within 1/2 Mile of a City Park for 2020 and the result is 47%. The result for 2020 is a significant drop from previous years and is explained by two separate factors. 

First, the methodology for performing the analysis had to change because the previous methodology was developed by a staff Demographer and relied on the use of data maintained by that same staff resource. That staff resource retired and was not replaced which means the data that were previously used for the analysis have not been maintained. The new methodology is described below. 

Second, the City of Durham's population is growing, however, much of the growth is occurring in areas of the City that were previously undeveloped and do not have nearby parks. Additionally, new subdivisions have been built in areas of Durham County that were annexed by the City.

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