Needs Improvement

Percent of the Population Living within a Half Mile Walk of a Public Park


To achieve at least 65% of the population living within a half mile of a public park as defined by the Trust for Public Lands.


 In the Trust for Public Land’s (TPL) latest national sample, the percentage of the population living within a ten minute walk of a public park ranges from 28% to 100%, with a median of 65%.  A ten minute walk to a public park is defined as a half mile to a public park entrance, entirely within the public road network and uninterrupted by physical barriers such as highways, train tracks, rivers and fences.  According to the available 2018 TPL stats, Raleigh is at 54%, Virginia Beach is at 61%, Greensboro is at 59%, and Winston-Salem is at 35%. 


Personnel from the Planning and Parks and Recreation Departments used Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to apply the same methodology used by TPL to Durham.  Again this year, fifty percent (50%) of the City’s population is within a half mile of a public park.

Next Steps

Following the recommendations of the 2013 City of Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) Master Plan, DPR will continue to acquire land for future parks in underserved areas and, when possible, make connections to DPR facilities through trails and greenways.  DPR will also develop properties purchased for future parks as resources are available to do so.

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