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My Durham Usages


8,000 usages for FY 2020.


MyDurham Academic Access Program (learning center to support virtual school) offered in the morning for teens (until December 2020) and we continue to offer “traditional “MyDurham with COVID restrictions (limited participation to mass gathering size allowed indoors) in the afternoon at the following two sites: Teen Center at Lyon Park and Weaver Street.

When it is safe to do so, in FY21 DPR plans to offer MyDurham throughout the school year at 6 locations:

  1. I.R. Holmes  Sr. Recreation Center at Campus Hills 
  2. Walltown  Recreation Center
  3.  W.D. Hill Recreation Center
  4. Weaver Street Recreation Center 
  5. Holton Career and Resource Center 
  6. Teen Center (at Lyon Park)

Summer programs will be offered at 2 locations:

  1. Teen Center (at Lyon Park)
  2. Weaver Street Recreation Center

Next Steps

Other units in DPR support and enhance opportunities provided for teens through the MyDurham program.  In early 2021,  MyDurham staff will collaborate with Outdoor Recreation staff to develop the History of the Underground Railroad though Outdoor Recreation.  Athletics staff will offer athletic and agility skill trainings for teens at Weaver Street and selected parks.

As we have since the MyDurham program inception, we will continue to work with community partners who share our vision with providing opportunities for teens physical, social, and educational development.  One such program is "The Going Places Transportation Study", a collaborative program spawned from a partnership between Durham Parks and Recreation and Duke University. One of the goals of the program is to increase teen physical activity by reducing transportation barriers. The partnership will provide DPR’s MyDurham teen participants additional resources in forms of Garmin Fitness Trackers, safety training modules, and program incentives. Teens participate in fitness tracking, weekly lesson modules that discuss means and modes of transportation, virtual focus groups, and general safety surrounding citywide travel.

MyDurham staff will continue to stay connected with our partners through this pandemic including Rebound, Project Build, and the Durham Housing Authority by providing updates on opportunities so that they can share and promote our program through their outreach efforts.  DPR will continue to rebuild this program by continuing to add opportunities, as feasible, while complying with Covid safety protocols.

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