On Target

Renter Household cost burden by income


Target for households >30% - 19,000


The number of households that are cost burdened is impacted by the availability of affordable housing units in Durham. The Comprehensive Housing Affordability Strategy(CHAS) data is a lagging indicator and updated for periods of 5 years at a time.  The most recent data (2011-2015) is reflected in this analysis.  The next update of the data that would be valid to reflect for this metric will be the 2016-2020 data.  Reporting on this metric under the current data source and methodology in other manners would skew the reporting for this metric.  Community Development is considering more appropriate means with which to evaluate progress toward this goal that would be more reliable and meaningful for the public and department.

Next Steps

To impact this metric, Community Development intends to expand departmental capacity to create affordable units and preserve existing affordable units as part of the 5-year affordable housing plan

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