On Target

Residents' Ratings in areas of Public Trust and Confidence as reported in the City of Durham Police Satisfaction Survey conducted by ETC Institute


The target is for 75% of residents to trust and have confidence in the Durham Police Department.


The 2017 Police Community Satisfaction Survey conducted by the ETC Institute provides data that suggests a significant majority of residents trust (76%) and have confidence (75%) in the Durham Police Department (DPD).  While this survey does show a slight decrease in levels of trust and confidence, both metrics are still above the target threshold of 75% favorable.  

The DPD contracted with ETC to conduct the annual Police Satisfaction Survey for the calendar year 2018.  The survey is complete and results are expected within the first quarter of 2019.

Next Steps

The Durham Police Department is committed to increasing residents feeling of trust and confidence in the Department.  The Durham Police Department (DPD) participates in many community activities such as COPS and Conversation, Community Lunch & Learns, Citizens Police Academies, Media days, Police Athletic League (PALS), Community parades, Church events and much more.  Additionally, to enhance transparency in the department, and provide video recordings of officer and citizen interactions, the Department implemented a new Body Camera programs that is currently fully operational.  Additionally, the DPD recently started a Community Engagement Unit in an effort to engage residents and provided open and transparent service delivery.  These, and other outreach programs, will hopefully strengthen the feeling of trust and confidence in the Durham Police Department.

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