Target Pending

Police Department non-sworn employee satisfaction rate


The target is for at least 60% of the non-sworn employees in the Durham Police Department to be engaged in their work according to the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey.


Upon the conclusion of the 2017 City of Durham Employee Engagement Survey, the Police Department determined two primary areas in which employees, sworn and non-sworn, responded with the greatest amount of concern is related to equipment and technology to do their job and internal communications. 

Next Steps

The Police Department will continue to specifically address the needs and concerns of its non-sworn employees by utilizing a “Non-Sworn Chief’s Advisory Committee.”  This committee will consist of only non-sworn Police Department employee/representatives that have direct access to the Chief of Police and the Executive Command Staff to address concerns and issues affecting non-sworn employees.  The Police Department has also held a leadership retreat for all of its non-sworn employees.  This retreat was well received and plans are to make this an annual event.

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