Close to Target

Percentage of Robberies and Aggravated Assaults Committed with Firearms


To achieve less than 56% of all robbery offenses involve the use of a firearm and less than 43% of all aggravated assault offenses involve the use of a firearm.


59.87% of robbery offenses occurred by firearm in 2020, which is an improvement from the previous year (63.3%). 

69.79% of aggravated assault offenses occurred by firearm in 2020.  Again, this represents a significant increase from the previous year (55.91%).

Next Steps

- Continue to maintain and strengthen its partnership with Federal law enforcement agencies and Federal prosecutors that concentrate on illegal gun possession and distribution. 

- Utilize its newly acquired IBIS (Inter Ballistic Identification System) to link historical cases to recovered weapons. This will allow the department to clear past cases and identify gun users for stronger prosecutions. 

- Purchase NC4 Street Smart inform patrol with gun crimes response. 

- Explore the possibility of purchasing a “ShotSpotter” system that better locates the origin of gunfire in an area.  With its enhanced ability to respond to the sound of shots fired more accurately and more quickly, there is a high likelihood of recovering more weapons and identifying shell casings that link to other offenses involving firearms.

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