Needs Improvement

Number of participants in community crime prevention initiatives and activities (Calendar Year Annual)


The target for combined Police Athletic League participation , Community Workshops and Citizen Police Academy graduates is 625 residents.


The Department runs one Community Workshop and one Citizen Police Academy each year. Participation is limited due to space available and personnel resources. Both are “first come first serve” events. The community workshop is limited to 150 people and the citizen police academy is limited to 30 people.

We did not meet our target to maintain a minimum of 25 graduates from the Citizens Police Academy and did not meet our target to maintain a minimum of 100 participants in the Community Workshop. The 2018 Citizens Police Academy had 35 completed applications but only 22 graduated the program.  The 2018 Community Workshop had 97 registered with 47 actual attendees.  The feeling is that this program has been annually addressing the same pool of community members and commitment has waned over the last couple of years.

Next Steps

With the new headquarters, our goal is to maximize participation in both activities.  For 2019, we have a goal of accepting 40 participants in the Citizen Police Academy.  We know that people’s schedules and availability play a major role in completion of the program but with more slots available, we are hopeful that more participants are able to attend.

Over the last year, the Community Resources Unit has focused heavily on addressing the needs of Durham businesses.  The 2019 “Business Workshop” will provide attendees with safety tips, and other information pertinent to the relationship between the business community and the Durham Police Department.  The goal of attendance will be a minimum of 50 business owners.  

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