On Target

# of Votes


The team is working toward receiving votes from 10,000 people in the first year of the process.


Participatory Budgeting (PB) involves a two-year cycle of meetings, voting, and project implementation. It becomes part of the broader budget decision-making process. Each city, school, or organization that does PB adapts it to their specific needs, but PB generally follows these steps:

1. Design the Process - A steering committee, appointed by council, creates the rules in partnership with government officials to ensure the process is inclusive and meets local needs.
2. Brainstorm Ideas - Through meetings and online tools, residents share and discuss ideas for projects.
3. Develop Proposals - Volunteers, called budget delegates, develop the ideas into feasible proposals, which are then vetted by experts.
4. Vote - Residents vote to divide the available budget between the proposals.
5. Project Implementation - The government implements the winning projects, such as bus shelters, Wi-Fi in public parks, or sidewalk improvements. The government and residents track and monitor implementation.

Next Steps

Durham residents and students age 13 and older will have the opportunity to vote on projects beginning in May via electronic ballot. 

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