Needs Improvement

Neighborhood College Satisfaction Survey


80% of participants who strongly agree or agree that they “gained useful knowledge” from the course.


Surveys were provided for each of the seven sessions; however, they were not all completed.  Due to inclement weather, two sessions were combined with two other sessions, so that the classes would not extend beyond the dates published. Scheduling the presenters for different dates would have created problems. In the rush to get participants out, and a couple having to leave prior to the end time, some participants didn’t complete the survey.

Next Steps

For the final session, 19 participants who completed the survey agreed that they gained useful knowledge from the course. For the FY 19 course offering, we will be more dedicated to ensuring that applicants complete the survey and the City will manage the process to ensure that all surveys are collected. For the upcoming session in September, the committee will reassess the presentation format to incorporate feedback from participants.  Key feedback was providing more time for questions and answers.

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