On Target

Workforce Demographics (EEOC Statistics)


There is no overall target for this measure. The City compares workforce demographics against overall Durham County demographics as well as statistics from the Bureau of Labor and Statics that show the availability of residents in our region who have the skills needed to fulfill various City jobs. If current employee demographics are not in line with workforce availability across racial or gender lines, the City develops a recruitment plan. Targets, therefore, vary by job and over time.


The City's workforce should broadly represent the diversity of the community we serve. Racial diversity is one important factor. The City workforce has changed little in demographic makeup since FY 15, with the percentage of white employees increasing by three percentage points over four years while black employees decreased by the same amount. Hispanic residents may be underrepresented, while Caucasians may be over represented. 

Next Steps

The City has created a diversity hiring plan to address possible under-representation of minorities and females in specific job types. The plan seeks to identify key positions and then increase representation of target groups within the qualified candidate pool. The diversity hiring plan uses data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to account for differing local availability of skill sets required for particular jobs. 

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