Close to Target

Percent of Residents within 1/4 Mile and 1/2 Mile of 30-Minute Bus Service


The overall target remains the same. It is anticipated once the Short Range Transit Plan is implemented, the overall on-time performance will help increase overall ridership.


The results for fiscal year 2018 remain constant from the prior year, since the City did not make changes to the level of frequent service. 

For 2018, this measure was 41%, or 92,891 of the 228,330 Durham residents. To increase this percentage to the 50% target, the City is participating in the development of the Durham County Short Range Transit Plan, which will address improvements to bus routes as well as the access to these routes. The Short Range Plan is anticipated to be approved Winter 2019.

Next Steps

The Preliminary Short Range Plan was presented to City Council during the fall of 2018 with final recommendations to be submitted during Winter 2019. The City is working with a consulting firm using multiple public outreach processes to obtain input from  Durham residents about how to better provide improved and expanded bus service to all  areas of the City and County. Additionally, passenger on-board surveys are ready to be administered to current riders, which is also intended to obtain similar information from these patrons about ways to improve and expand the current service.  The Short Range Transit Plan implementation is anticipated Fall 2019.

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