Needs Improvement

% Spent with Minority-owned UBE's in Construction Contracts


The target is to have 11% Minority Owner UBE's in Construction.


There was a total of $2,153,214.35 spent on construction projects this quarter. Of that amount, only $89,611(4%) went to minority-owned businesses. This is below the City goal of 11% of construction dollars going to minority firms.  Year-to-date, minority firms have received $1,364,073(2%) of the total construction dollars spent. 

The attainment may be related to one or more of the following: absence of minority prime bidders, unsuccessful minority prime bidders, lack of subcontracting opportunities being identified on projects by departments, some specialized projects that limit the ability to identify sufficient MUBEs who may perform on projects and some projects being below the dollar threshold($30,000) to set goals.    

Next Steps

Continue focus on recruitment of MUBEs to bid work; continue efforts to insure firms are aware of opportunities; discuss and explore ways to enhance identification of subcontracting opportunities with EBOP Steering Committee and project managers and continue monitoring utilization.

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