Needs Improvement

% Spent with Minority-owned UBE's in Construction Contracts


Provide 11% of construction contracts to Minority-Owned businesses.


The level of attainment may be related to one or more of the following: availability of minority firms due to impacts of Covid-19, absence of minority prime and subcontracting bidders; unsuccessful minority prime bidders; lack of subcontracting opportunities being identified on projects by departments; some specialized projects that limit the ability to identify sufficient Minority-owned Underutilized Business Enterprises who may perform on projects; prime contractors who fail to meet goals, but demonstrate good faith efforts and some projects being below the dollar threshold ($30,000) to set goals. 

Next Steps

- Continue focus on recruitment of Minority-owned Underutilized Business Enterprises to bid work

- Continue efforts to insure firms are aware of opportunities

- Continue to provide training on how to do business with the City

- Discuss and explore possible barriers to participation with EBOP Steering Committee and project managers and continue monitoring utilization.

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