On Target

Percent of development review applications successfully completed within scheduled period


The target for on-time completion of development review applications is 90%, which is slightly higher than the industry benchmark of 85%.


Overall, most reviews are completed either early or on time. Managers are working with staff and the applicants to resolve issues of timeliness when they arise. While we cannot control the timeliness of outside agencies that review the cases, the City will seek to work with outside agencies to improve their timeliness. Since the March 2020 malware attack and the Stay-at-Home orders due to COVID-19, development review staff in Planning and other departments have been working remotely, with a varied level of connection to the network. The move to digital submittals and review has made it possible to continue to process the high volume of work received over the last 15 months. We are very pleased that staff has adapted so well to this new virtual environment, but acknowledge that there continue to be some "bumps in the road" and room for improvement. 

Next Steps

Managers are tracking timeliness on a monthly basis and providing feedback to their employees. Staff are notifying the manager when outside agencies are causing delays if they do not respond to prompting by the staff. This is an on-going process of improvement in overall timeliness.

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