On Target

Biannual: Percent of Development Review Stakeholders Who are Satisfied or Very Satisfied with Durham’s Development Review Processes


The target for customer satisfaction is 90%, which is slightly higher than the industry benchmark of 85%.


Overall, customers that respond to surveys have been satisfied or very satisfied with the Development Review processes. We typically have a fairly low rate of return because most of the applicants are regular customers that don't fill out the surveys. Since the malware attack on the City in March 2020, there have been even fewer surveys returned by customers because the automatic survey link is not working properly. 

Staff has been more proactive in sending the survey link to customers and that has resulted in a more surveys returned for the second half of FY21, but the numbers are not close to previous levels.  Thus, for the first half of FY21, 18 surveys were returned; 41 additional surveys were returned for the second half of FY21, for a total of 59, with 11 of those only responding to the overall satisfaction rating. Compared to 226 surveys in FY19 and 228 in FY20 (223 of those before the malware attack), this smaller number of surveys means that a few unsatisfied customers have a larger impact on the overall results than they would have if a larger number of surveys were returned. 

Next Steps

Continue to seek customer feedback and use some additional tools, such as focus groups, to reach those repeat customers that likely won't respond to a survey every time a case is completed.

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