Needs Improvement

# Residents informed of Fair Housing rights


The FY20 target is to inform 750 residents of their fair housing rights during outreach events. This target represents individuals who either spoke directly with staff about fair housing during outreach, or who obtained fair housing literature at an outreach event. The FY19 target of reaching 1500 residents through in-person outreach was overly ambitious as there was no recent historical data to support a dramatic upward swing in persons reached. However, if this measure included the number of persons reached through all outreach efforts including print or other marketing mediums, it is achievable.


The Human Relations Division could not conduct fair housing presentations, because of the City/State stay at home order (COVID-19), and social distancing until the start of 2021.  

Next Steps

The Human Relations Division will resume scheduling Fair Housing presentations once the City/State (COVID-19) stay at home order has been canceled.  

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